Client Spotlight

Our clients are a diverse group of people. They include small to mid-size business owners, non-profits, lawyers, and media pros like longtime client, Contacts Media!

Contacts Media helps professionals who want to be seen and heard on radio and TV, and in turn generate more business. They also provide expert media training, image consulting, and story placement for businesses, executives, and professionals who want to raise their profile.

Contacts Media came to us with some specific needs:

  1. Get the word out “breaking news style” across all social media channels when a client gets a media booking.
  2. Pre-promote scheduled client bookings to create buzz and interest.
  3. Create a visible history of company wins across social media channels to help promote their business and clients.
  4. Monitor social media, engage with followers and grow their reach and relevance.

So we customized a plan for them. We work with the Contacts Media team to make sure their social media channels are always up to date and positioning them as a true mover and shaker in the PR market (which they are!).

“Through Envoy Social’s no nonsense, tailored approach, we continue to grow and strengthen our social media presence without breaking the bank. And quite frankly, it was a relief to let someone else take care of our social media needs so our team can focus on what we do best, getting exposure and visibility for our clients.”

Frank Cipolla, Contacts Media